We operate four fully structured freezer trawlers, with quotas for fishing cod, haddock, coley and prawns. Greenland halibut and redfish are also caught.

We have a fleet of innovative fishing vessels, which can catch fish using long-lines or nets. Our vessels has a new system for handling fish (cod, haddock, saithe, black halibut, redfish, ling and others) by means of a two-step RSW cooling system that cleans and rinses the fish well.Our vessels are groundbreaking and has the flexibility to pack fresh and frozen fish onboard at the same time in bags/boxes, ready for transport when the vessel berths and unloads at a harbor.

Our fishing vessels are of the highest standard and innovative fishing vessels.

F/T Prestfjord *N-445-Ø* 3YHX

Freezer trawler, HG Freezer Trawler, HG
Yard: Myklebust Verft
Hull Yard: Stocznia Gdansk S.A.
Class: DNV 1A1 ICE-1B Stern Trawler EO
Length: 65 m
Breadth Moulded: 15 m
Gross Tonnage: 2610 T fartoy_more
Engine Power: 6000 HP

F/T Sunderøy *N-100-Ø* LMPJ

Freezer trawler, HG
BuiltYard: Astilleron Gondan S.A.
Class: DNV: 1A1 ICE-1B Stern Trawler E0
Length: 56,20 m
Breadth: 14,00 m
Gross Tonnage: 1 874 T
Engine Power: 6000 HP

F/T Holmøy *N-50-SO* LCLP

Freezer trawler, HG
Yard: Construcciones Navales Paulino Freire, S.A.
Class: DNV 1A1 ICE-1B Stern Trawler EOLength: 69,7 m
Breadth: 16 m
Gross Tonnage: 3317 T
Engine Power: 7300 HP

F/T Langøy *N-100-SO* LJWI

Freezer Trawler, HG/filet
Yard: Tersan Shipyard
Class: DNV 1A1 Stern Trawler E0 Hull DNV Ice 1B, Clean ClassLength: 74,7 m
Breadth: 15,4 m
Gross Tonnage: 3549 T
Engine Power: 6100 HP