Fresh frozen

Sea-frozen fish is fresh. Our line-caught fish is prepared and frozen only a few hours after it has been caught. We call it ‘fresh frozen’ – the best quality for fish lovers around the world.

Polarctic Seafood A/S catch frozen at sea, where raw material of the best quality is used for both H/G and VAP products. Modern production and freezing onboard secures a fast production process and makes it possible to guarantee a stable freezing chain. Catching takes place in the clear, cold waters of the North East Atlantic.

Eco-friendly – Line-caught

Polarctic Seafood A/S is the most eco-friendly fishing method. It is selective in relation to species and size, causing little damage to the seabed, and provides high quality catches whilst consuming little fuel.

Responsible fishing means catching the right fish at the right age, in the best possible condition and as efficiently as possible.
Our fish is MSC certificated.

We focus on protecting the safety of the crew during the whole fishing process, whilst strictly following the Norwegian public fish management, which is considered to be the most sustainable and well regulated in the world.

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