Responsibly Sourced

Polarctic Seafood A/S is a supplier of high quality products which involves a high demand of knowledge in producing different kinds of products.

To ensure a high quality in all our products we are dependent on local fishermen bringing us raw material of the best quality.

From nature’s side we are perfectly located for receiving the highest quality raw materials, delivered directly and daily from the local coastal fleet. Our fishermen possess extremely high competence in all aspects concerning both capture and treatment of first hand catch.

HACCP certification
Cape Fish Group AS has implemented HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system on all our types of production. This system is strictly followed by all the participants in the production, and contributes in making safe finished products for our customers.

Our HACCP system is build up out of 7 principles which are controlled and adjusted regularly in each of our different productions:

Identify all Hazards
Identify all Critical Control Points
Determine crititical limits for all control points
Establishing procedures for monitoring critical control points
Deviation report and corrective action
Evaluation and verification of food safety
Documentation and logging

Polartic Seafood A/S has its own HACCP-Team who on a monthly basis discuss and make adjustments to the implemented system. In this way Cape Fish Group AS is always updated in adjusting its productions with the aim of making sure the food safety and the production facilities are at their best.

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